If you don't do Strategy

others will do it to you

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by Business Exploration

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Only 3% of the population thinks strategically (*),
don't leave this advantage to them.

You, your team, your Company depend by your ability to
avoid, shelter, anticipate, constrain, surpass, cut-out, beat and sometime leverage
your competition.

Let's start think strategically,
with these few tips:

(*) according to the 16 Jung's personality traits

1) If you do not have an enemy, it's not strategy - it's planning

Strategy it's a plan to defeat an enemy:

Stop to call your marketing plan a "strategy",
if you do not have a positioning strategy that grants you the max share possible of your target market.

Stop to call your supply chain plan a "strategy",
if you do not shelter your supply chain from competition and your value chain from your suppliers.

Stop to call your data intelligence plan a "strategy",
if you do not use it to anticipate your competition.

Stop to call your financial plan a "strategy",
if you do not frame it to keep control of your company

Stop to call your human resources plan a "strategy",
if you do not invest in your personnel fidelization and competitive skills.

2) Strategy is not about what you want - it's about what you don't want

Think about the alternatives:

what are the alternatives left to your client?

what are the alternatives left to your Competitor?

what are the alternatives left to you?

  • what else?
  • what instead?
  • what if not?

Be sure to eliminate assumptions, constrains, and borders before to answer.
You are not playing chess: you can bring an alternative from outside of the board.

3) Have a Plan B - strategy is about alternatives

if you do not have an alternative plan, you can only lose:

a Plan B shall bring you 80% of results with 20% of resources

a Plan B shall put you back in the game or into a new game

A Plan B is executed together a Plan A, not after.

After you are dead.

4) Check the assumptions - they make or break the strategy

Not (only) your assumptions - your competitor's assumptions.

Check for overlooked assumptions:

  • Wrong assumptions
  • Modificable assumptions
  • Obsolete assumptions

Expecially those assumptions that hold true only in the hands of a third party

They are assumptions that are not in control of the competitor.

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