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The little book on
Innovation Adoption

4 ways to respond to disruption

Innovating without selling is just inventing. Understanding the role of marketing in innovation adoption is key to sell your next high-tech solution.

  • What is innovation
  • Types of innovation
  • Continuous innovation
  • Competition's role
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Why "disruptive"
  • The innovation journey
  • How to respond to disruption
  • How do we adopt innovation
  • How do we innovate

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The little book on
Business Model

4 steps of Model Exploration

Building a business model is an iterative process forming around a Core Idea. One that helps customers play a new game.

  • What is go to market
  • Classic marketing
  • Lean startup
  • Business model Exploration
  • Customer types
  • Job-to-be-done
  • Value proposition
  • Product design
  • Organization design
  • Linking the money
  • The 7 rules of the game

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The little book on
Competitive Market

4 competitive strategies

The secret of a successful marketing
is the right customer base. Sizing the market and sheltering it from competition is a strategic game in which the customer is the prize.

  • Who is competing
  • Sizing the market
  • Market drivers
  • Defining attractiveness
  • Targeting & KPIs
  • Defining Price
  • Negotiating Price

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The little book on
Convincing Brand

4 positions of brands

Strategy is about selling despite competition. We fight first and foremost for the head of our customer. We win telling our story.

  • What is Strategy
  • Positioning for share
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand the Why
  • Pitching your story
  • Storycrafting & Storytelling
  • What and How communicate

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The little book on
Human Selling

4 key questions of Selling

Anticipating customer’s problems
is the only way to beat Google. We have to perturb the client’s journey out of the status quo, earning his trust.

  • The Human Sales
  • The noble Art of Prospecting
  • Building Trust
  • Influencing Decision making
  • Perturbing the buyer’s journey
  • Mapping the Buying process
  • Leaving the status quo
  • Getting to "no"
  • Off-line Sales Funnel
  • SPIN Selling
  • On-line Sales Funnel
  • Selling B2B innovation

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The crash course on
Project Management

4 rules of project management

Launching a new business is not the same as launching a new software. Agile may not be enough for your startupping.

  • Why and when Project Management
  • Setting the expectations
  • Planning the Project
  • Mobilizing the team
  • Assessing the Project
  • Deciding to Act
  • Closing the Project

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