Business Exploration GDPR Privacy Policy

Hi, thanks for reaching Business Exploration website.

GDPR does not ask us to protect your data.
GDPR asks us to tell you how we protect your data.


If you are not comfortable with the fact that we do not protect your data


In this GDPR - Privacy Policy you find how we collect, store, use and manage your data.

Basically: We don't.

We store your email, name and surname
if and only if you provide them to us:

  • signing in to our Newsletter
  • connecting with us on Linkedin and provididng your address
  • writing an email to us
  • using our embedded contact form
  • subscribing one of our Sales Excellence Services
  • calling us on our public phone numbers
  • telling us

and we use them to write to you for personal or business reasons.

Your email is stored on our cloud and on premisis servers that are protected by the provider's and our security software.

We do our best to comply with the GDPR requirements,

however, if you are not ready to accept
the risk and the consequences of a leak of the personal data you provided us to third parties
or any other use of the personal data you provided us that may not suite your personal taste

You are requested not to send your personal data to us
and immediatelly request that we cancell all your personal data from our systems.

Business Exploration and Flavio Tosi will not compensate, refund or give you money, time or value in kind of any sort
for using, in a way that does not suite your taste, the personal data you have provided us.

FAQ on our GDPR Privacy Policy:

  • What information we collect about you:
    Email, name, surname, Language, phone number and any other nformation that you provide us.
  • How we use your information:
    to send you our newsletter, personal, business emails - and any other possible way that suites our business needs.
  • How we share information we collect:
    we share them in all the ways that suite our business needs.
  • How we transfer information we collect internationally:
    we share them in all the ways that suite our business needs.
  • How we store and secure your Information:
    your data are stored on mailchimp and secured by two factors authentication
    on our microsoft servers and secured by two factors authentication
    encripted local backups on disconnected hard-drives.
    We have no idea how our business partners like Google and Microsoft store your personal data, that we provide them if you visit our website.
  • Cookies and similar technologies:
    we use Google Analytics
    we use Linkedin website demographic
    we track your IP address
    for a detailed list of our embedded technologies, please read the HTML code of our site.
  • How to access & control your personal data:
    We do not have any idea where the data you provide us ends up.
    Therefore, when you use this site you accept the fact that your data can be unretrievable by us. For further details, get in touch with our Data Protection Officer using our Contact Us form.
  • Data Protection Officer:
    Flavio Tosi
  • Other important privacy information:
    this site is not for kids under 16 years old.

For any further request:

Contact Flavio Tosi