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with our growth acceleration services:

Launch new products

but new product and services find resistances,

Enter new markets

but new markets challenges our investments,

Startupping something new

but innovation faces high failure risks

Demand generating Communication

To go beyond the simple explanation of your value proposition it may require the help of our copywriters in crafting the strategic narrative.

Decision enlightening Data

The speed of change and the low marks of today's variables cannot be interpreted by gut only. Our certified Data Scientists have the lenses.

Value chasing Processes

The only thing you are in controll is your organization. To align it to your goals, an impartial look by our six sigma professionals helps .

Get the "nudge" to move forward
with the help of our direct-line:

Reach our experts 24x7 to get that "nudge"
to craft a better deal, write a compelling message, gauge an interesting price...

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supported by our professionals

Need market analysis, business plans, stylish communication? You don't need to become a specialist, pass it to our professionals.

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Align your team to your vision with our
hands-on workshops, so you can
concentrate in growing your business...

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For 25 years Business Exploration® has provided business support services
to the commercial teams of industrial SMBs and high-tech startups,
helping their business grow, improve, scale, prosper, always having fun.

Often these teams do not need to receive from above a complex strategy
or to be forced into heavy organizational changes and tools.

What they need is just a gentle “nudge”.

Someone that can help them write a better offer, define the right price, tell their story in a compelling way...

With a small membership you grant to your team a direct email access to our experts, who will help overcome a difficulty, offer time-tested best-practices, bring external points of view…etc

Most of the time this little help and the library of ideas, templates and tools on our portal, will be enough to re-start and inspire your team.

When - and if - you need a more structured support, the same membership grants you our professional services at a very special rate.

In this way you can squeeze or expand the help you get, to your precise needs.

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