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For Business Owners who want to grow a successfull heir,
Business Exploration offers entrepreneur tutoring services,
to flank the next generation of business leaders or the founders of a new company.

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Since 2009 Business Exploration® helps Business Owners who want to develop their heirs' entrepreneurial mindset, but lack of the time, structured approach, and new industries expertise to do it themself,

providing Entrepreneur Tutoring Services

that make the joungsters ride a new business or ready for the family business:
faster, stronger and without waste of resources.

Unlike consulting firms, me and my partners are Entrepreneurs like you,

that over 25+ years of experience have assembled a structured methodology
to support the Business models Exploration of industrial SMBs and high-tech startups
and the design and construction of go-to-market strategies that sell.

You can start with something simple as:

  • the subscription to our portal of articles, ideas, ebooks and tools ( for just 77€/month );
  • get one of our Flat Rate acceleration growth services ( @ 970€/month );
  • or if you need a hands-on boost, run our Business Exploration Workshops ( 9900 €, Satisfied or Reimboursed ).

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