Workshop: The Ideas Renaissance

  • The program: A day generating ideas, inspired by the immensity of the Tuscan hills, immersed in the art of an ancient Risorgimento mansion, disconnected from the screaming reality, but guided by the latest models and technologies for ideas generation and creativity
  • The result: A real booster of energy and positivity, clarity of intentions and vision
  • Goals: Answer strategic questions on new business initiatives
  • Duration: 1 session, 8-10 hours, breakfast included, lunch based on farm products i Formaggi del Dottore , coffee breaks
  • Hospitality: limited possibility of hospitality in the same Resorgimental Residence or in the adjacent affiliated structures.
  • Location: Castelfiorentino 10km from Vinci, 50km from Florence, Pisa, Siena. Reachable in 40' by train from Florence SMN, or 30' by car from the Firenze Scandicci motorway exit
  • The price: 9900 Euro + Taxes

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Workshop: Business Exploration

  • The program: the workshop revolves around 4 themes: Sales, Communication, Competition, Offer. In each session the coach guides the analysis of the existing situation, of the possible scenarios, of the company objectives, through proven tools and methods, helping the Company Management to formulate effective decisions.
  • The result: the decisions are collected in a lean operative document, as base for the Commercial Plan, Business Plan, Communication Plan, Corporate Strategic Report and commercial documents such as company presentations, brochures, website
  • The Goal: prepare the commercial plan of industrial products and services, launch new products and services, enter new markets, internationalization, preparation of M&A operations, launch of startups ...
  • Duration: 8 sessions: 6 hours each - in person - , or 3 hours - online -, once a week, for 2 months.
  • The price: 9900 Euro + Taxes, expenses and charges

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Quarterly market analysis
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Guided Workshops:

Strategic Selling planning 9900€
Startup Planning 9900€
Business Planning 9900€
Marketing Planning 4900€
Project management training 9900€
Process mapping training 2900€
1-on-1 1h Session 250€


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