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Dear Fellow Innovator,

Giovanna & Marco, founders of AIRsana contacted me when they hit the wall of the R&D departments of the major house-appliances producers in Europe..

Their Invention - a true Columbus's egg - was not getting traction on the market, despite a patented technology.

They were incurring in one of the 12 Resistances to change that I classified when I was a Black Belt in GE: the classic "not invented here"​ syndrome.

Once they understood the roadblock, they readily accepted my proposal for a different go-to-market. One that could retain the value generated by the Invention, without the need of selling the patent to a third party.

AIRsana then started to follow the steps of my coaching program: "the Roadmap to Market"​, and re-build from scratch a new service company based on a franchising model.

It happened that ASSOLOMBARDA, the Industrial Owners Association of the Lombardy Region, the workhorse of Italian economy, spotted AIRsana in one of the workshop AIRsana was delivering, on the risks associated to in-door air pollution.

They liked AIRsana Mission and Innovation capability at such point to select AIRsana among the 30 companies that are representing the Milan "Genius and Entrepreneurship"​ in occasion of the 500th anniversary of the departure of Leonardo da Vinci.

Today AIRsana is a franchising business, caring about the life of hundreds of clients with a patented sanitization service that make them breathe pure air.

If you want to know more about AIRsana: visit the exposition at Palazzo della Regione Lombardia in Milan or its website:

If you want to know more about my coaching program,

you can read how it works here:

The Roadmap to Market

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The Roadmap to Market

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The Roadmap to Market
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8 days

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4 Desk steps

  1. Define the Business Model
  2. Assess market and competition
  3. Create a memorable brand
  4. Design the sales funnel operations

4 Field steps

  1. Test problem and solution on 30 customers
  2. Discover the buyer's decision process
  3. Build the Story to land the first order
  4. Identifying the "Minimum Resistant Client"

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