Selling - this is the goal of business explorations:

The goal of Business Exploration is to sell. Selling is a game with at least 3 players: us, the customer, the competition.
You can't control the other 2 players. This is the reason why you need a Strategy. A strategy is a plan to beat competition and reach your goal. If you feel uncertain about how to build your strategy, you fear that something important can be missed, you struggle to find an indipendent, informed, inspiring advisor and this is hindering your ability to take advantage of a business opportunity,

and want to change it:

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The Business Exploration Workshop:

  • Why a workshop: to build the playbook for your next business initiative: from internationalization to new product launch, M&A operation and Startup launch.
  • How it works: 8 sessions, 6 hours each, where you will be guided in using key go-to-market models and tools to:
    01 - define the best business model and organization,
    02 - assess market competitiveness scenario and gauge pricing,
    03 - draft your storytelling and position your brand,
    04 - design your sales funnel and sales force playbook.
  • No risks: Fixed price: 9900 € (+VAT, T&L, SS), Satisfied or Reimbursed

Book 5' on my agenda

In Brisbane, this team is using our Business Model Canvas 2.0

Leadership Training:

  • Why training: to increase effectiveness and productivity of your workforce, helping them to innovate, experiment, cooperate, collaborate and coordinate as a Team.
  • How it works: using Business Games Simulations, in partnership with Experience Executive Partners :
    01 - B-MBA a business game simulation for first line and talents, supporting key learning on General Management, Finance for non-finance, Marketing & Innovation, People & Time management
    02 - PJMGMT Hands on learning of PMI Project Management, Six Sigma and Agile principles,
    03 - NEGOTIATION learning the fundamentals of negotiation in sales, purchasing, human resources and investment, using the Negotiation Butterfly Framework
  • 3 levels: Key learnings; Full course; Full Simulation, based on CESIM professional software.

Book 5' on my agenda

The winning teams train on CESIM simulators

Management Consulting:

  • Why to get external support: to inject key competences and experience where and when your strategy and organization need them.
  • Our areas of expertise: Lean Startup; Strategic Selling, Business Process Re-engineering, Project Managment, Advanced Data Analysis
  • Our market knowledge: Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream); Energy & Renewables; Aerospace; Franchise; E-commerce; Saas; Aftermarket Services
  • How it works: in partnership with our branch CRAZYDATA :
    in Sprints: we chunk projects into 7 to 12 equivalent days blocks.
    starting with: a 4-8 hours go/no-go workshop
    using: iterative converging approximation, preferrably remote, paperless, always data driven.
  • Taylored to your needs: we offer weekly and go/no-go progress assessment: you can decide to continue the project or stop it any time.

Book 5' on my agenda

Get key competences, experience and un-biased third party point of view.

How to start:

To know more of our Services,
call +39 2 8719 8498 or book a videocall here:

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What people say:

"Flavio allowed me to reconstruct the value chain of my company and from there, the requalification of our offer. "
Giacomo Tazzini, CEO ErreQuadro

"Following his flagship program has been a game changer for us and lot's of fun too. Can't recommend highly enough and it saved me lots of time."
Francesco Caporali, CEO Capcost

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