B2B sales are nothing like before:

Half the talks to customers - Twice the customer reading - Your competition is already there

Time to rethink the way you sell?

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24x7 direct line support

Reach our experts 24x7 to get that "nudge"
to craft a better deal, write a compelling message, gauge an interesting price...

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Flat Rate Consulting

Add market foracast, CRM data analysis, stylish communication... You don't need to become a specialist,pass it to our professionals.

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Step-by-step workshops

Change your selling plans, take the hottest decisions, engage your team members with our
hands-on workshops

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At Business Exploration we deal with great companies:

that are taken by storm in market swings,
whose marketing is telling things sales don't say,
whose sales team gets lost before closing a deal...

whose reps say that prices are too high,
whose customers get bored of the pitch in 10 seconds,
whose competition is like copycat...

whose products have forget-me-please names,
whose R&D efforts crash at first contact with client,
whose funding is backed by mortgages instead of sound business plans...

Said otherwise:

whose go-to-market does not stick together,
despite each piece being finelly crafted.

We re-align the blocks, bring in the missing information, nudge the team members

bringing back the smile to the CEO's face.

Want to know how?

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4 key questions of Selling
4 positions of brands
4 competitive strategies
4 steps of Model Exploration
4 ways to respond to disruption
4 rules of project management