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Welcome to Business Exploration!

Since 2009 Business Exploration helps industrial organizations to Grow & Change:

  • build strategic plans to secure new business opportunities
  • drive organizational changes to recover competitiveness

We bring a deep understanding of Engineering To Order business models for High Tech equipment and Automated assembly Lines used in the Oil & Gas industry, the Power Generation, the Aerospace and Defence, the Heavy Engineering, the Steel production, the Automotive and the Medical Devices industries.

We do this for passion.

This means that we offer a no-frills, hands-on, highly structured approach, field tested in dozen of companies: from the know-it-all General Electric alike, to the fierce, hardworking industrial Business Owners and all the way down to visionary high-tech Startuppers. We are not vary of filling timetables, or printing slides decks.

We love results.

We own this for respect to our Customers, to whom we are honored to bring our small contribution in terms of experience, methodology, ideas and network. All our projects are "Satisfied or Reimbursed" - no question asked.

We strive to stay ahead of the pack,

continuosly exploring latest innovation trajectories, cooperating with a network of professionals spanning the globe, and being involved as Board Member, founder, sponsor and "first cheerleader" of no-profit associations in the Italian, UK and UAE startup ecosystem.

We give back to young generations.

supporting their entrepreneurial spirit as Business Angel, Mentor and as passionate listner of their dreams.

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About Flavio Tosi:

I am an industrial consultant with expertise in:

  • Rotating equipment and Auxiliares
    Aerospace, Oil& Gas, Power Gen and Energy market for Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers;
  • Project Management
    industrial and IT methodologies and organizational best practices like PMI and Agile; PMO office design
  • Data Analysis
    using relational, statistical and machine learning tools and platforms like Azure, Python, LAMP, PHP, SQL, Minitab, VBA, HTML.
  • Innovation and change management
    methodologies like Disruptive Innovation, Lean Startup, Six sigma, BPMM - Business Process Maturity Model - and TRIZ;
  • Strategy
    Game Theory, Business Intelligence, Competitive Scenarios Planning, Demand Forecasting, Business Modeling, Behavioral Science, Branding, Communication, B2B marketing, Strategic Selling, Pricing.

that I use to help industrial Companies when they need to do:

  • Strategic Selling Plans
    New Market Penetration / Internationalization / Diversification / Spin-offing & startupping;
  • Organization Re-design Projects
    Rationalization, digitization, simplification of company processes;
  • Data Driven Decisions
    Data Analysis, interpretation and setup of Key Performance Indicators, Market Scenarios, Business Intelligence.

I am part of the startup eco-system as Business Angel and Mentor, having helped to launch non-OEM aftermarket machinery services, ERP Saas, Fashion e-commerce, Sanitization Franchise, NLP Saas for engineering documentation.

I love to give-back to younger generations supporting the no-profit Accelerator InnoVits as a Board Member, promoting of the Euroavia Alumni Association, creating of the City of Castelfiorentino initiative for youth entrepreneurship KATALIZE and as a member of the Techitalia London community, the Dubai Data Science Meetup and GATE Incubator in Pisa - Italy.
I also sponsor aerospace students initiatives like the Skywarder in Milan, 2015 and the Space-Up in Pisa, 2018.

I have been living and working in USA - Houston, UK - London, Italy - Tuscany, Russia - Moscow, UAE - Dubai and enjoy a professional network spanning the globe: from Seattle to Brisbane, counting more than 4000 friends in 47 nations.

I am married to Lara Maggiore, a Marketing and Sales international Director, and we make our best to rise our son, Leo.


  • MBA, SDA Bocconi - Milano
  • MSc Aeronautical Engineering - Politecnico di Milano
  • Glider Pilot License Aero Club dell'Aquila
  • 2nd Lieutenant S.A.C.A. Anti Aircraft Artillery School - Roma
  • Liceo Classico Arcivescovile C. Endrici - Trento


  • Internationalization and Digitization, Smart Export Academy ITA-ICE
  • Professional Data Science, Microsoft - Edx
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, General Electric - Crotonville
  • Project Management PMP, IAFE School of ENI group - Roma
  • Root Cause Analysis, Apollo methodology
  • Adult Teaching, Achieve Global


Business Exploration | Consultant

2009 - Today | Milan - London - Dubai

Since 2009 I help grow and change industrial businesses and high-tech startups
of the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Automation, Automotive and Medical Devices industries.

I bring a multidisciplinary approach that interfaces well with all company's functions,
a 4000+ strong network of professionals spanning 43 countries from Seattle to Brisbane,
vibrant communities of innovators in London, Milan and Dubai,
and a tipical Tuscan way to call things by their name and make beautifull things happen.

General Electric Oil & Gas | Senior Marketing Manager - Upstream Oil&Gas industry

2005 - 2009 | Houston

Supported by a small team of senior and junior analysts, I was responsible for the Upstream Oil & Gas Equipment market scenarios forecasting and strategic planning:

  • targeted customers segmentation and customer profiling;
  • key drivers of the market dynamics from reservoir to off-loading or gas-boosting battery limits;
  • service's technological requirements;
  • detailed assessment of the competitive landscape and won/lost reasons

in order to support strategic and tactical pricing and investments decisions.
To do so, I built a global Oil & Gas market model capable to predict the 2009 crisis two years earlier and to identify 2B$/y of opportunities.
The model was connecting the dots among key industry players (NOC, IOC, Independents), Key leader persons behaviors, political scenarios, historical evolution, geografical data, reservoir characteristics, oil and gas physical properties, exploration, extraction and delivery processes, EPC players, key plant's services, equipment and their providers, construction material proces and macro economic trends, oil, gas and derivates demand and supply, prices of the raw, finished and consumer goods, just to name some of the information used.
I lead strategic market penetration initiatives in North America, in Russia/CIS, on FPSO customers, that brought new clients, a new Russian sales organizations and a new offshore compression train’s design.
I defined the market potential of New Product Introduction programs like: GE15 Gas Turbine, SHM+ high speed reciprocating compressor, CCS pumps.
In my work I was supported by a small team of senior and junior analysts, and I costantly took advantage of stagers for their great questions.
I am happy to see all of them pursuing great careers in sales, R&D and BD in GE and in the main Competitors.
The new market model approach replaced the previous market models used in all the industrial sectors covered by the marketing team: Midstream, Downstream, and Small Power Generation.

General Electric Oil & Gas | Cash Risk Manager - Process Digitization Leader

2004 - 2004 | Firenze

I lead the team who has rebuilt from scratch the cash management process controlling a portfolio of 150 projects, worth 1 Billion USD /year.

We created new procedures, a new organizational function and a risk management software capable to predict quarterly cash collection with less than 2% error.
The software development alone was worth: 150 K$, it had a central dashboard suite for Risk Management at portfolio level and a Project Manager’s suite to support individual Project Managers in their Contract Management duties. The platform is still running in 2017.
The new model for managing the projects portfolio using cash milestones has changed forever the way GE Oil & Gas controls the portfolio of projects.
The way I lead the team in developing both the logics, processes and tools would be described today as "Agile Project Management".
In retrospective, it's impressive how close our steps were to the Agile Manifesto and Scrum methodology.
(This risk management approach has been featured on a IRR conference in 2007)

General Electric Oil & Gas | Six Sigma Black Belt - Project Management Office

2002 - 2003 | Firenze

I supported the Project Management Office's growth from few hundred millions $/y revenues to 2B$/y, leading its business process re-engineering:

  • Project Launch
  • Plan & Control
  • Capacity Management
  • Project Document Management
  • Risk Management & Contract Management
  • Project Closure, Handover, Shipping, Transportation
  • Customer Satisfaction & KPIs

I have mapped the Project Management processes from Sales to Delivery of GE Oil & Gas, to change the ERP system from IBM AS400 to Oracle

I have supported the Project Management function growth on:

  • Post-Acquisition integration of Termodyne (F), ACC (USA) and PII (UK)
  • Selection and hiring of 30 Project Managers
  • Creating the Course: GE Oil & Gas Project Management

I made routine and ad-hoc data analysis on the GE data warehouse e.g.:

  • root cause analysis of deliveries delays on reciprocating compressors product line
  • identification of drivers in Project Management responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • identification of key drivers of centrifugal compressors' efficiency performances
  • identification of critical items affecting punch lists at projects delivery
  • costs variation drivers affecting pj CM

I managed a 45.000€ software development project based on BO - Business Object- called the "Project Dashboard", from which a PM could have all the critical project progress data in one screenshot (featured on "Impiantistica Italiana - 2006", the ANIMP official organ)

I created Access-VBA software tools capable to precisely define Engineering, Sourcing and Manufacturing phases’ progress of a Project, with a click.
We called it "the Control Room" and allowed GE to overcome a deep communication crisis with the Customer: Chevron, on the famous TENGIZ project (the highest well re-injection pressure on Earth, at that time)

I proved the correlation between Project Delay and percentage of Engineering documentation in delay, showing that On Time Delivery is achieved by "overall" and not: "punctual" control

Versalis Spa (ENI Group) | Consultant - Information Systems - Customers Base segmentation

2001 - 2001 | Milano

I was part of the Project Team that was in charge to create a better Customers Base Segmentation:

  • performing a cluster analysis the information contained into the Company's Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) ( several thousand national and international clients ),
  • defining KPIs for the development of their Customer Equity and
  • recommending a new organizational model of the Sales Office.

We performed the task, using advanced Neural Mapping software and a PCA Principal Components Analysis that reduced the key dimensions describing the Customer Base to just two.
Based on these two dimensions it was possible to identifying 7 Customers Clusters, describing clear customers behaviors in terms of purchasing volume and retention rate.
Based on the new customers segmentation was possible to identify recommendations in the areas of logistic, customer care, customer communication and sales.

General Electric Oil & Gas | Project Manager - Re-injection, Refinery and Power Generation turbo-machinery

1997 - 2000 | Firenze

I brought to delivery Upstream, Downstream and Power generation projects worth up to 100 MM USD, with full Customer satisfaction, on time and with no liquidated damages.

  • ASAB AGD-I, (UAE) 1999 Snamprogetti, Sour gas reinjection, 100 MM$
  • Lucchini, (Italia) 2000 NP IPL, Blast Furnace Gas Recovery 180 Mw, 10 MM$
  • SINCOR, (Venezuela) 2000 Technip, 180 Mbod upgrader from 7 to 28 API°, 25 MM$

I managed with passion international teams spanning the globe, acted also as project engineer and ended-up being quoted by a French EPC chief inspector as “best project manager” in the Division.

As a Green Belt I developed a tollgates framework that has been adopted by the Division as standard for the mangement of all projects in portfolio

ATOP Spa - IMA Group | Research & Development engineer - Automated Lines machinery

1996 - 1997 | Siena

I coordinated the development of new automation machinery capable to double the productivity, thanks to an new un-balanced mechanism, fully adjustable, that I invented.
This machine replaced the existing product line.

Danieli Spa | Design Engineer - Finite Elements Design & Fatigue analysis

1995 - 1996 | Udine

I was in charge of the design of equipments for steel bars production: Finite elements analysis and Fatigue analysis of long products rolling equipment and Software development for bars packaging optimization.
My structural analysis of a new long products milling machine canceled the existing "C" shaped frame design in favor of a more performing "U" shaped frame design.

Italian Army | 2nd lieutenant - Anti Aircraft Artillery - Mountain Troops

1993 - 1994 | Trento

I took part to the territory control operation “Vespri Siciliani”;
Coached a platoon of 30 effectives on Anti-Aircraft weapons and techniques.

2nd Lieutenant A.U.C., Anti Aircraft Artillery (Trento, Italy)
IV Corpo d’ Armata Alpino - 2°Rgt "Vicenza" - 28^ Batteria (Trento)
S.A.C.A. 153° A.U.C. (Sabaudia - Roma)

General Avia Srl | Stager - structural analisis of F22 - Pinguino

1991 - 1992 | Milano

I had the privilege to work at General Avia for a 3 months stage during my last year of University.
Legendary aircraft designer Stelio Frati ( among his creations the SF-260 trainer and the F8 Falco) allowed me to run freely into his company, in Pioltello - Milan, discovering and questioning all the phases of F22 - Pinguino assembly. I then was tasked to re-do the stress analysis calculations for the F22 - Pinguino fuselage. For that I developed a Fortran Software program, based on the "Mantegazza's methodology" that was able to "cut" different sections of the fuselage and calculate the shear stresses on the fuselage skin. Among the legacy quotes Stelio Frati teached me I preserve these as the most important:
" Se è bello - vola bene" (if it is beautiful - it flights beautifully)
"…deve essere il più veloce…" ( you must design the fastest airplane in its category )

Euroavia | Milan Local Group Secretary

1987 - 1993 | Milano

From 1987 to 1993 I was Secretary and European representative of EUROAVIA Local Group Milan: European Association of Aeronautical and Astronautical Students. I was at 1988 Milan Fly-in, 1990 Berlin EMEAC, 1991 Helsinky EMEAC, 1992 Napoli AMEAC and Haarlem Flight Simulation Symposium, 1993 organizzed first presentation of EA to PISA , Southampton EMEAC, 2009 50th anniversary in Delft, 2014 55th lustrum, 2015 ExMEAC Leuven.

In 2008 I created the Euroavia Former Members Linkedin group counting 600+ Aerospace Engineers worldwide.

In 1992 I launched a project with the aim to re-start the once glorious CVV Centro Volo a Vela of Politecnico di Milano: to design and build ULM aircrafts. The initiative was lead by me an Lucas Marchesini (now the CEO of Manta Aircraft) and a few other friends, and grow up to 100 students, that designed the new workshop, interfaced with Milan City Administration for funding, and the main aeronautical industries to collect tooling and machinery. We went as far as creating a moke up of our 2 seater rear-propelled twin beam airplane.

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