The Roadmap to Market:

8 days

  • 8 sessions, 1 day each.
  • Fast paced - no frills.
  • Paperless: flipcharts and white board
  • You work on it. We help.

4 Desk steps

  1. Define the Business Model
  2. Assess market and competition
  3. Create a memorable brand
  4. Design the sales funnel operations

4 Field steps

  1. Test problem and solution on 30 customers
  2. Discover the buyer's decision process
  3. Build the Story to land the first order
  4. Identify the "Minimum Resistant Client"

How it works:

We will make 8 days of 6 hours each. Generally 1 day per week on a 2 months horizont.
Each day you and your team will be confronted with key go-to-market frameworks, like e.g. the BMC, the MVP, etc.
The first 4 days will help you decide what to do and - more important - what not to do - to bring your idea on the market.
The second 4 days will prepare you to meet the customer to validate your business model, the buyer's process and land your first order.
At the end of the first 4 "Desk" days you will wrup-up a plan to pitch investors.
At the end of the second 4 "Field" days you will learn-on-the-job how to tell your idea to customers.
After 2 months you will have a plan, a tested business model and you will be ready to pivot or proceed.

  • It saves you money, time, stress.
  • It fast-forwards you 2 years in the future, compared to a "try&error" - "do it yourself" path.
  • It brings in your decision process a non-biased and non-interested third party
  • It opens to you a network of 3000+ professionals in 47 nations.

Does it work?

The Good

We have used the Roadmap to Market to help both SMBs and Startups. Among SMBs there are companies like SPIG Spa, Finder Pumps, bioMerieux and others, working in the aerospace sector, that we cannot quote for the strategic nature of our contribution. These companies have been able to enter new markets, increase their sales – expecially on aftermarket – and grow by M&A.
We also helped several startups like CAPCOST, MEDICSTUDIO, EnergyFog, Airsana to shape the business model and the on-line sales and communication and get market traction.

The Bad

Unfortunately we do not always succeed. Innovating is a tough job ( 9 out of 10 of low innovative products and services fail to reach the market, and only 1% of all high innovative ones have a commercial success, according to well kept secret statistics).
We have learned that timing is essential, good ideas happens, business models can not work, funds are not the real problem and that execution is the only success factor we can control.
Our Roadmap to Market proved to be a valid tool to minimize errors and maximize chances.
Some of the SMBs we helped did not survive the test of the market, some of the startups discovered that the business model was not working. However, we think that at least we helped recognize the flaws of the idea early on, and avoid to sustain unnecessary investments that could not have changed the situation. Our Clients kept control over execution, and some of them have restarted in new directions.

The Ugly

We have found that being a lonely pioneer does not always work, so we encourage all innovators to join a local association.
You can find us at the gathering of InnoVits, an accelerator backed by Politecnico di Milano, or, if you are in Tuscany, you can join the sessions of the local incubator KATALIZE, that we helped to open in our hometown, Castelfiorentino.
If you are in Brisbane area, Australia, you can join the meetups organizaed by BigJump, a team of Lean Startup practitioners that have adopted our Blue Canvas model.

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How it works:

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How you can use it:

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  • This promotion “work for credits, first project free” is a one time opportunity, limited by the availability of resources and the acceptance of the project from our side.
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The Roadmap to Market

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