A wrong way to launch business network?

Business Networks should embrace Lean startup

to build their business model

A "wrong" way to launch a Business Network?

Dear Fellow Innovator,

I shot this picture a while ago at the ANIMP annual conference.

It shows a proposed go-to-market path for “Businesses Networks” or “Consortium”

The steps list as follows:

1. Identify a business opportunity,

2. Think the “Business Network” concept,

3. Manage introductions,

4. Collaborate on network’s technological infrastructure,

5. Build the aggregate offer,

6. Communicate the offer and the “Business Network”.

The problem with this path is that a “Business Network” almost by definition ends up offering a “new Product” to a “new Market”.

Here, sequential models, like this one, generally fail miserably.

This is an un-know territory, where a Customer base shall be validated

and an offer built by try&error.

I would prefer instead, to apply more experimental methodologies, like the one used to launch Digital Start-Ups in the silicon valley.

I am sure that injecting “Agile”, “Customer Development” and “Disruptive innovation” concepts in this type of initiatives could lead to much more controllable results.

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