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Little Nightly Thoughts”


Our Blog on Marketing and innovation,

where you find our thoughts on topics like:

· using the Business Model Canvas to outline the organization

· making 4 critical steps before drafting a marketing plan,

· finding the problems and the solutions appealing to our Clients...

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The Roadmap to Market

Our guide to marketing innovation summarizes over 20 years of experience in bringing innovative products and services to market.

The table of content:

Introduction: “innovating”, and not: “innovation”



         1 / 4 - Is the solution appealing?

            A - How much value our idea creates to the Customer?

            B - What Price will be paid?        

            C - What additional costs will be sustained by the Customer?      

      2/4 - Is the Solution accessible?     

            A - How will the Customer know about the solution?   

            B - Where will the Customer buy the solution?    

            C - Which is our “Sales Carousel”?     

      3 / 4  - Does projected demand sustain the investments?         

            A - How many pieces  can be sold in the solution’s lifetime?        

            B - How many pieces can we sell in the solution’s lifetime? 

            C - How orders opportunities will change in the solution’s lifetime?

            D - Which opportunities do we really see?  

      4/4 - Does the solution leave unit margins ?    

            A - Which are the main costs?   

            B - Do we have a Supply Chain strategy?   


    Discovery Planning: when you don’t know your Customer 

    How we will recognize our Customer?

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Innovating in the Internet of Things era

Our guide to innovation management, continues and expands our thoughts about "Disruptive Innovation", linking  it to the theory of inventive problems solving : the Altschuler’s TRIZ and showing its implications in defining and exploiting the latest technology and business models based on the Internet of Things.

The table of content:

Foreword: “innovating”, and not: “innovation”       

1.What is innovation?         

             Goal precedes R&D investments and not vice versa   

             The role of the market is to make innovation accessible      

             Vectorial innovation vs Random innovation         

             The innovation daily waste 

2. Innovating is not about of luck & money, is about method         

             The ideal state paradigm has shift to social         

3. For being called "Smart" these Things are quite dumb... 

             What it takes to build a “Smart Thing”?        



             An informative framework  

4. As a Thing, you wouldn’t delegate your own control         

             What kind of functions are enabled by a Thing on Internet?          

Conclusions – so what:

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A little change to your

Business Model Canvas,

(that can save you some headache.)

This booklet is the reprint of a post that without any advertising support has been read by more than 1000 persons. The original article was written after seeing the difficulty of several startuppers in following a streamlined approach in using the Business Model Canvas of Osterwalder.

Proposing a change to the Holy Grahl of Lean Start-Up methodology is quite risky... but I hope you will like.

The table of content:

The Business Model Canvas      

             1) Start with "Customer"     

             2) Go on with "Problem"     


             For what concerns directions,     

             But "symmetry" was reeeealy a nightmare. 

The Business Model Canvas describes key organizational models too.

Business Model Canvas 2.0       

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4 ways to innovate in the IoT era

In this era of stagnating economy Companies of any kind and size are struggling to understand where to find a Customer.

This need is so urgent that failing to do so, is bringing the business down on a slippery slope, from which recovery it’s almost impossible.

But what to do to not lose momentum?

I think there are at least of 4 moves that respond to today’s scenarios.

1.  Injecting de-materializing technology

2.  Move to a market with a different infrastructure

3.  Decoupling the know-how stream of your business model

4.  Reversing the marketing flow

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Making money with(out) disruptive ideas

This booklet is the final conclusion of my journey in studying the Disruptive innovation theory.

You do not have to come up with disruptive ideas to  make money.

And here is why (and how).

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