Fast prototyping your business idea:



You need to quickly react to your business environment,

introduce new ways to execute your business ideas, test processes, procedures, information frameworks and new systems infrastructures


You may rush to bet all your eggs on a big consulting firm and software house... or ask us to help you design and build the backbone of your new organization and support it with a pilot software we can create for you in few days and deploy in hours.


In this way you are going to fine tune your idea around it’s core concepts and test it’s deployment, working on a scale that is

a fraction of the one needed by partners often larger than your own organization.

And when the key logic, data-frame, organizational changes  and results have been defined, you will have a better specification to handover to those software houses, now: with a full understanding of your real needs and the results you can achieve.

Saving time, money and efforts.

Business Process Mapping graph bestpractice

*Our promotion “work for credits - 1st project free” applies

to new customers willing to try our services, at no risk. More.

We know how to map your processes and find better ways to route them, ‘cause we have done it extensively in the Oil & Gas industry leader and in many medium-size competitive Companies in the Energy, Aerospace and Biomedical markets.

The order form is a off-line tool to manage your customers price list in a secure way.The control Room is a VDR Vendor Document Management tool capable to put under control your engineering, not only your Trasmittals.

The Control Room:

The “Control Room” is a document management software, designed to test new Customer - Company collaborative engineering process, and specify new CAD/CAE + PLM tools.

It assure the full tracking of documents sent back and forth during engineering phases, the registration of their transmittals, issues, document revisions, owners, at  Customer, Project and Item level.

Everything is under control thanks to the automated progress reports generated with one click  Read more on our blog:







Software Tools Development:

We develop in house pilot software tools using VB MS Access and integrating them on-line with HTML-LAMP stack, based on Linus.

They can be used as-is or make the foundation of a fully industrialized software program, to be developed by our partners or your preferred software supplier.

Our goal is to provide you with an immediate support for your business operations, and an experimental platform where to test your ideas.

Having developed dozens of these pilot tools, we are ready to use a try and error approach that  is unavoidable if you want to maximize the success probabilities of your endeavor, but often a nightmare if you ask to do so to a software house that works on strict specifications.

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The Order Form:

The “Order Form” has been developed to test the new on-line order management process of a world leader bio-medical Company.

It was part of a major re-organization project of the Order Management Office. The tool provided fundamental help in

making the new streamlined process converge and new business rules being adopted by the Order Management Team,

coordinating the communication between the sales force and the sales operations with the automated production of pre-filled orders based on customized price lists for each single Client,

providing a fully functional tools to be used as pilot for an on-line software development and finally:

educating the customers to more orderly and efficient practices that lead to more revenues and margins.




Sigma XL is a powerful statistical suite, siminglessy add-on to xls.

Our BPR process are based on

Statistical Analysis:

We adopt SigmaXL software for our statistical analysis, both in six sigma process capability measures as well in our marketing segmentation and customer profiling and in our business forecasting and planning.

This graph and its analysis have been made with:

SigmaXL,  statistical software add-in for MSExcel.

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