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 The Drake and the “no thanks” syndrome

Enzo Ferrari (the Drake) had a clear understanding about what is the priority among Effectiveness and Efficiency...

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Some time ago I was struck by a sentence of Enzo Ferrari ( the Drake )
who was replying to the question
"what is important for your F1 cars?”.











He said without hesitation "Speed".

This could seems obvious, but the explanation that followed was enlightening:

"First, I want that my car reaches the best speed,
then I work to make this speed last for all the Gran Prix time"

This is a great piece of advice.

You first look for performance, then you optimize it.

But when I look around the industrial companies today,
it seems that everybody has forgot the first part of the equation.

There are so few persons at work, that they are forced to concentrate 
all their efforts just to make the machine run.

Companies have so "optimized" their business model, 
that there is no room to think about effectiveness.

Unfortunately  "efficiency" is a short term word.
You can optimize only in almost static environment.

Only thinking "effectiveness" the long term scenarios come in sight
and the changes hitting your quasi-steady universe can be anticipated.

I hope that these emails helps you raise the head from the daily job,
and buzz your brain cells with a different vibe, at least for a while.

The risk of not doing so is two folds: 

1) Or you will be hit by an inexplicable collapse of your world.

2) Or you will miss the race for competition.

If you do not want to fall into the trap of the "no thanks, we are busy" syndrome

Just give me a call and get a break.

A different perspective can make you spit fire…











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The Drake and the “no thanks” syndrome...


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