Competing on the Global scale of the Oil & Gas industry could be a daunting task if You are not used to navigate its striking amount of information.

I can help You find, select, verify the ones that make sense for Your Company.

But I can do more than this: I can use proven quantitative models that interpret and translate this information into Your business targets.

GE Oil & Gas has invested 12 years and more than 1 Million Dollars to make me reach the ability to track a route through the Oil & Gas industry.

If You sell Equipment and Services to the Oil & Gas industry You can take advantage of this,  using my proven methodology for Market assessment:


1) You will connect the dots between Demand and Supply:

2) You will interpret new trends and competing technologies:

3) You will make challenges become opportunities  :  -  ing. Flavio Tosi  -  Albo Ingg. FI #3581  -  P.I. 05998900483 

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