Engineering is dead! Long live the Engineering!



Engineering seems to be one of the few places left to search for efficiency and standardization. What are your experiences? 

Dear Fellow Innovator,

I received this Proclamation and wanted to ask your help:

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The Engineering is dead!

Long live the Engineering!

Engineering is dead | long live the Engineering

News from the far Ends of the Enterprise:

"Engineering is Dead.
Long live the Engineering!"

"To all the Citizens of the Enterprise:

With the sudden departure of the 
“Reinvent-the-wheel" Engineering,
our organization has shrunk its product development cycle time

down to unprecedented limits.

The situation was that, in our ETO (engineering to order) kingdom of business,

the "Need for customization" always fought
against the "Chance of automation":

Each Engineer developed his personal methodology
to come up with a detailed engineering 
and serve the supply chain.
He was used to follow – as well as he could remember –
the same path over and over, whenever a new RfQ reached his table.
Today it’s no more like that.
Like other organizations embracing 
“knowledge management” best practices,
we have started to collect the engineering methodologies into software systems
capable to activate all the documentation's and production's interfaces by themselves.
At the beginning the ripple was a small one, confined to applications that allow
the simple selection of product features. But when the software available
demonstrated its ability to manage each single piece of know-how and
make it available effortlessly to the supply chain, its adoption rate mounted.
The result has been an immediate elimination
of entire phases of the Engineering:

all the ones that required a massive amount of paperwork production
and routine calls for coordination among ranks of technicians.
New RfQs now come almost perfected from the Sales Department
straight to the Make or Buy Gate. There is no more need to build
stocks and waiting times into the supply chain, to shelter from engineering uncertainties.

Today the Enterprise can go-to-market with new arrows at her bow:
a faster quotation and a faster execution time.

Engineering forces have been redirected
where they are more needed:

the design of better solutions and the buildup of Company’s knowledge.


The Chamberlain of the Enterprise"

This news has struck me so much

that I would love to talk with Fellow
- Engineering Managers,
- Industrialization & standardization managers and
- Product leaders, 

experiencing the same kind of problem
in making more efficient the way their Engineering works.

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