Managing Complexity is the first ability required in Oil & Gas industry. Doing it in a simple, effective and repeatible way is what You can achieve setting up the right processes and performance Metrics.  

I have developed a KPI and Tollgates Project Framework and used extensively in GE Oil & Gas.  It enables an immediate understanding of project’s progress, a quick identification of areas of sufferance, their comparison with Customer’s feedbacks and above all:

an open communication between Project management and Company Functions as well as between Customer and Supplier.

You can do this for a single project or for a projects’ portfolio.

Knowing where You are, You will only use your resources to go where You want. Efficiently.

1) You will make Your Projects comparable through Tollgates:

2) You will measure Completeness, Timeliness, Customer Satisfaction:

3) You will focus Your Project Management only where needed: 

Engioneering process flow chart

Leveraging the difference between Process and Procedure:

Project Dashboard KPIs

Setting up the base of Project Progress metrics has never been more easy.

To know more about this approach to Project Control, see this article  published by “Impiantistica Italiana” official Newsmagazine of ANIMP - Italian EPCs association:

I have developed Project Management Courses that assure the fast rump-up of new employees and make them manage efficiently complex international projects.

They are based upon the PMI Book of Knowledge Competences, but have been tailored to suite the needs of an OEM Equipment Manufacturer that works in a Multi-Projects environment. And they incorporate the latest findings in Cultural Behavior Management, to match today’s need of internationalization.

The subjects of these Courses have been delivered to GE Oil & Gas employees, International Oil & Gas Companies and EPC Employees.

You may download the Project Management Course index, here:  -  ing. Flavio Tosi  -  Albo Ingg. FI #3581  -  P.I. 05998900483 

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