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Change the way your marketing works

Business Exploration offers an 8 days marketing coaching program

to all those Business Owners / Entrepreneurs who want a structured way to

transfer their go to market vision to marketing operations,

and build marketing plans that generate leads.

Our coaching methodology has been proven by several SMBs and Startups.

It consists in 8 1-day sessions along 4 pillars:

· Business Model,

· Market Sizing,

· Branding and

· Lead Generation.

It's fast paced - no-frills, minimum paperwork.

We are not marketing consultants.

We are engineers offering coaching services

that help your vision be transferred to your marketing team in an actionable way.

Our Clients are owners and CEOs

of industrial Small or Medium businesses targeting the

· Aerospace,

· Oil & Gas,

· Power Generation,

· Automation and

· Medical Devices

with new product or services.

And because our methodology have been proven effective in

the launch of new business initiatives,

we have been also asked to help several startups, ranging from e-commerce, Cloud ERP, Expenses management services.


Satisfied or Reimbursed

The investment into our 8 1-day coaching session is limited. The return assured.


To discuss your next project, you can contact us without obligation:

at: +44 7491 164 097 (UK) or +39 02 8719 8498 (ITA)


Or read further details and how much can be your investment, here:

“4+4 steps go to market plan”


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Define the Business Model

Chose a memorable Brand

Build the on-line content

and the off-line

Sales Funnel



4 steps to bring your idea to market | define the business model | size the market and competition | choose a memorable brand | build your off-line and on-line sales funnel channel

Size Market  and Competition

Complex sales are just

at 4 small steps:

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