Being able to predict cash income is fundamental if You want to pay your suppliers, reduce cost of borrowing money, reward the stakeholders.

With the Cash Management Framework I developed, You not only can do all of this, but from a centralized Control Room You will have all the information to steer Your projects portfolio to a successful delivery, give performance feedbacks to Your Company Functions, instruct Your sales-force about Contract Management best practices. 



1) You will benchmark contract management best practices

2) You will keep track of all Milestones information: 

3) You will get accurate Estimates and targeted Alarms:

You will benchmark the international best practices,  to manage  risks as:

· Title Transfer

· Ever Green clauses

· Liabilities

· Liquidate damages

· Cash payment …             and more.


The Cash Tool allows to control your Project Portfolio reducing Cash Risks and increasing profits  -  ing. Flavio Tosi  -  Albo Ingg. FI #3581  -  P.I. 05998900483 

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