Does “automated sales” exists?

Creating a process for - sales repetition - is a kind of dream for any new commercial adventure. But designing a mechanism that cookie-cutters orders for a new product is difficult. Most of the companies rely on gut, experience, luck and try & error, without a clear model or plan.

In reality this model exists, we call it

the sales Carousel.

We have applied the sales Carousel framework to many commercial initiatives, getting faster results, with less stress and clearer vision.

This framework has helped one of our clients enter the largest aerospace company of its sector, and another one build the customer base of its new internet business.

The sales Carousel:

Using the sales Carousel to model your sales, will focus your attention on 3 key components of the sales framework:

· Traffic ( creating a stream of prospects )

· Engagement ( meeting your prospects )

· Conversion ( making your offer  accepted )

And design a funnel process that will go from the first point of contact

to one of the 4 landing offers:

· NO offer (  when prospect is not converted at all)

· Last offer ( when prospect leaves you at least an explanation )

· Soft offer ( when prospect accepts to keep in touch )

· Hard offer ( when prospect buys from you and become customer)

Along one of the 3 main directions he can follow:

· The directories ( listing of solutions )

· The advisors ( comparisons of solutions )

· The referrals ( endorsement of solutions )

If you want to know all the details,

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The Roadmap to market,

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The Sales Carousel - internet sales funnel

“Automated Sales” exists, we call them:

The Sales Carousel

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