“It’s only rocket science”.

We sponsor the EASM 2015

Sponsoring a students conference is an incredible opportunity

to learn about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Dear Fellow Innovator,

It’s simply amazing what younger generations are capable these days.

We suspected it and this is the reason why Business Exploration decided to sponsor the EASM 2015 students conference.

Last 22-23 Oct 2015, at Politecnico di Milano, students from all Europe gathered to set up officially an international competition about Rockets Launching.

Today some of the best European University have group of students that are experimenting with launching rockets up to 10.000 m of elevation.

This is not a trivial game.

This quest is challenging the space industry.

The incredible about these students endeavors is that this young ladies and guys have a clear goal in mind: disrupt American NASA, European ESA and Russian Space industry.

What they have noticed is that today’s technology can allow microsatellites weighting few kilos, do the job today is made by their gigantic ancestors:

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Little nightly thoughts

by Business Exploration®

The implication in terms of business opportunities are huge.

If and when their work will reach maturity, today’s major space agency will face a strong competition in selling their services to Broadcast Networks, national and regional Authorities for territorial and sea control, Major agricultural businesses in need of precision agriculture measures, pollution and disaster prevention and remediation insurance Agencies etc.

No wonder that in Italy alone there are already several spin-off start-ups that are run by former Skyward Association’s founders and members,

like LeafSpace and D-Orbit .


The Conference has also been an opportunity to share ideas and best practices among competing international teams.

As a Sponsor I wanted to bring a bit of wisdom about

“innovation management”  to this audience.

These young engineers are smart, but generally their courses do not touch the latest theories about Disruptive Innovation of Harvard ’s Prof. Christensen and Lean Startup of Stanford’s  Steve Blank.


My 30’ speech struck some chord.

Especially among the newly graduated who have been already in touch with the “business” environment.

You may have a summary about the speech:

“How Galileo’s helped to solve the Innovator’s Dilemma”,

in my booklet about Innovation go-to-market: Roadmap to Market,

or just giving me a call and have a chat about this fascinating theme.


But what I really appreciated was to see that Younger generation still have the same passion for innovation that was boiling into the veins of their predecessor.

Think about this:

They are dreaming to build a rocket capable to reach orbit altitude, launched by a canard configuration 2 turbine engines spaceship, monitored by a world wide ground stations network that can support 7T bits of telecom by day, to monitor agriculture , environment, marine traffic, critical political areas—worldwide.


Looking back, I really do not see many differences compared to the dreams of other young Aerospace Engineers at Politecnico di Milano.


 1993, a young Flavio Tosi the day of his graduation - dreaming with a bunch of pals to build a 2 seats, rear propeller Experimental at Politecnico di Milano




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“It’s only rocket science”.

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