Innovating in the IoT era: for being "smart" these Things are quite dumb.

Innovating in the Internet of Things Era.

Innovating in the Internet of Things Era.

Innovate in the Internet of Things Era
may be easier if we put the ideas in a context.


Dear Fellow Innovator,

For those of you that are in the process of looking for the Next Move, 

and trying to:

- Debottleneck solutions that have reached a dead end of evolution,

- Stop fighting Competition just on price,

- Jump on the Internet of Things escape route...

it may be useful to put your Innovative Idea into context.

I have just finished summarizing my point of view on how we do Innovate in a small booklet (around 30 pages ) that pretends to connect the dots among:

- Disruptive Innovation,

- Lean Start-up,

- Innovating methodology (TRIZ),

- Internet of Things.

and offer my Conclusions about:

- What a Corporate Startup Lab should take care ( ideas rejected by the R&D ),

- What path we should follow to generate next generation IoT ideas (TRIZ),

- What makes Internet o Things different respect the latest product's evolution path ( Externalization ).

If interested, just ask me a copy and I will send to you the pdf file.

And wait for your comments and suggestions.

Best Regards


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