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Do you have a formal organization?


We do not have a formal organization. We are a team of professionals working together since more than 10 years. We have a large network of friends and partner that can provide tailored solutions for Legal, IT, HR, Sales, Web etc.


Could you support us as a sales manager?


We are not an agency, although we support our Clients on specific sales initiatives, if required, especially in the early stages of the product launch.

In case a specific request for commercial help, we can provide qualified personnel, with large experience and personal network.


Could you offer a communication package?


We prepare the communication content and can offer simple communication tools as websites, commercial power points, commercial letters, advertising copy for Expo or white papers. For more complex task we can connect you to our partners or manage all the agency activities in your behalf.


Could you support me beyond marketing?


We can support you almost 360° in implementing all the organizational changes you may require. We have a strong experience in BPR and change management, touching all aspects: from communication to organization and processes design, till software tools.

We can also support the digitization of your processes through purchased IT solution or developing for you pilot software that can give you a clear understanding of the results you can achieve, before to invest large sums. On the Engineering side we also partner with other specialists with our Brand: EU Engineering:

check www.euengineering.eu

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How much do you price your services?


Our consulting services price in the P75 of the market. You can hire a Top marketing manager if you have a permanent need, or take advantage of our services for specific projects.


Do you price lump-sum or by hour?


We tend to price per day. For some project with clear task and commitment we price lump-sum, but for  innovation projects, where it is difficult to define the deliverables precisely, we prefer to agree and progress on small tasks, one  sprint after the other, as per the Agile manifesto and the Scrum methodology.



Privacy policy:


Despite the openness of the cooperation, we are fully aware of the importance of confidentiality. We deal everyday with Hot Topics of CEOs and Top Managers of our Client’s Companies. We help them on long term and short term strategies to beat competition, create more profits, realign organizations, choose the best profiles for their team, assess M&A and Joint Ventures. This is the reason why you do not find here a full list of Clients and we do not quote the Author of the comments we reproduce. We can not risk to share any hint to their competitors. We do not share information if not authorized in writing, we jealously keep all records under secure systems, and do not make names or show  data to any one, that can cause damage to our Clients and Partners; in any form: breaching copyright and intellectual property,  offering insider trading hints, loosing sensitive, personal  or strategic  information in favor of competition etc.


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