The wind of globalization has stopped, re-shuffling entire supply-chains:

Commercial barriers are rised by the Governaments around the globe:

  • USA Administration
    is fighting a commercial war with China that is jeopardizing the sourcing of equipment and materials.
  • Brexit
    is going to hit European Automotive, Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Automation supply chains leaving Sourcing offices with no alternative than re-wire their commercial ties to new, more reliable, suppliers;
  • Emerging countries
    are fostering local content and and need technology partners to support their national champions.

Do not fail this opportunity:

The fall of globalization brings an unprecedent opportunity to those willing to:

  • enter new markets
    whose supply-chains have been jeopardized by new governamente choices;
  • connect with new customers
    investing in new local branches by strategic M&A operations;
  • serve new needs
    launching products and services to tap into unexplored customer bases.

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