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Build an actionable marketing plan with our

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Our promotion “work for credits - 1st project free”:

How it works:

 Contact us with the new idea that you want to explore: 

 You will get a free day of consulting services for every 100 employees working in your company, in exchange of your permission to display your Company logo on this website.

 This means that a company of 500 employees can get a full week of free consulting services in exchange of the permission to use its logo and a small endorsement for our promotional campaigns.

 And our website reaches more than 2200 professionals in 47 countries.

How you can use it:

· If you have less than 100 employees, we grant you one day of free consulting services: call us.

· If you do not know what to do with 1 day of consulting services: think to training, analysis, and benchmark on innovation, organization, project and risk management, process-re-engineering, six sigma… you can get it free for 1 day!

· If you have an idea or a problem you want our help for, contact us and see when we can start work together

· If you have just a feeling of the problem and need help to frame it: call us and get help to assess it.


· This promotion “work for credits, first project free” is a one time opportunity, limited by the availability of resources and the acceptance of the project from our side.

· It refers to a eight hour working day and costs are not included; but many of our international Customers take full advantage of our on-line services.

· This does not add any Travel and Living cost to the service and is a very effective way to collaborate.

· NO OBLIGATIONS. We ask just the permission to use your company name and a small endorsement in our advertising campaigns.

To try our services at no cost, call: +39 02 8719 8498

Casella di testo: SPIG Spa
Cooling Systems

These Companies have already tried:

Rettangolo arrotondato: apply
Casella di testo: GERGO
Parts & Packages for Energy
Casella di testo: COMENCO
Rotating equipment services
Casella di testo: ENERGY
Energy efficiency systems
Casella di testo: AIRsana
Indoor Air sanification
Casella di testo: CAPCOST
Expenses Management 
Casella di testo: MedicStudio
Cloud ERP for Healthcare

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Ask about our promotion: “works for credits -  1st project free”




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mobilize your team and make your team deliver with our

crash course on Project Management

A 8 days coaching program

for the entrepreneur and the CEO,

based on our 4 steps methodology:


1. Business Model Canvas

2. Competitive market’s scenarios

3. Brand positioning

4. Sales funneling


that can be eligible for up to

50.000 Euros of EASME funding


Contact us to know more



A 5 days course program

for the leader of

Industrial, Transformation,

Information Technology,

R&D and Commercial initiatives, that:


 changes the way your team works

 uses proven PDCA methodology

 leverages soft skills and behaviors

 it’s aligned with PMI principles

 works well in Agile environments


Complemented with a 150 slides booklet, collecting 25+ years of experience in Corporate, SMBs and Startups projects.


Contact us to know more

We use proven best practices as:

· Lean Startup and Disruptive Innovation management

· Competitive Advantage, Positioning Marketing, SPIN Selling

· Business Process Re-design, Lean Six sigma, TQM

· Project Management, Agile/Scrum, PDCA

· Data Science and Neuroscience

You can try at no cost, with our promotion:

“work for credits - 1st project free”

Call us to know more, at +39 02 8719 8498

without any obligation,

(or read below to see how it works

and who has already taken advantage of it.)

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