Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

every time I meet with first time entrepreneurs, newly appointed CEOs, recent heirs of family business or owners of businesses facing disruption, I get the same feedback:

it's damn difficult to find someone with whom to have a open exhange of ideas

on the toughest decisions they have on the table right now.

They cannot rely on their management 'cause the feedback is more than often biased by personal interests; they have the feeling that their legal and financial services providers do not grasp the whole of the business issues and they find way too complicated (and expensive) to get advices by big consulting names.

On the other hand, their need for a sound feedback on their ideas is pressed by the urgency to respond to market swings, find new clients, sell new products and services and enhance their customers' experience.

They find themselves struggling with a dramatic shortage of time, limited budget, resisting organizations, increasing complexity to be handled, un-proven trust of their team, ever changing environments, missing data and information and lack of specific competencies and experiences.

In other words: they face too much un-certainty.

Sometime they are getting their friends and peers to talk about their issues, but what they get is almost always generic recommendations based on personal experiences. And when they turn to large consulting agencies, they feel like if someone is trying to stitch cookie-cut business recipes on them, without really understanding what is at stake. So, how to save time and resources instead of wasting them into generic “try and error” efforts? How to avoid to pay large sums for the un-concluding paperworks of more structured consulting services?

A third way to proof-check a critical business decision exists and is "personal coaching".

Personal coaching provides this much needed means of decision assessment without the pitfalls embedded into involving a peer or a large consulting organization into something delicate as a business decision. Our coaching program, for example, is not limited by the past experience of a person, because it leverages forward looking models and thories that we constantly search and update from the best scholars. Plus it assures that you get this exchange of ideas with someone that like you, has his skin into the game, as opposed to the embalmed best-practices of salaried consultants.

You can find more details here: the Roadmap to Market, but in its essence the program is designed to provide you:

  • A clear frame of the risks involved in your decision,
  • A sound estimate of the results expected, and
  • A quick-win implementation plan.

You will get 8 in person sessions lasting 1 day each, where you have nothing to bring except you and your ideas and concerns. You will end them with a clear action plan to be executed by your team.

Our methodology has been field tested in SMBs like Spig Spa, Finder Spa, bioMerieux, 9REN and startups like Capcost, MedicStudio, AirSana and others.
If you want to see it in action, you can join one of the sessions of the startup acceleration program of InnoVits, the incubator backed by the Politecnico di Milano, to which we are associated, or join us at the lecture we make at PhD program of the Computer Science University of Pisa, Italy.
And if you are on the other side of the Earth, you can ask about it to the team of lean startup consultants “BigJump” in Brisbane—Australia, who adopted it.

Or you can give us a call and ask more info without any obligation

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