Little nightly thoughts
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Dear Fellow Innovator,

some time ago I wanted to get a clearer understanding of:
who and how was really innovating in the Oil & Gas industry.
Industry 4.0, IoT, advanced Data Analytics are all very nice words, but who is really pushing the boundaries and what are the business models these new technological trajectories are enabling?
Well, "you can not discover new things using a mindset of the past"
so I decided to invest a small amount and ask my friends of ErreQuadro to help me.

Diving the Patents Ocean:

The guys of Erre Quadro have assembled a very nice tool and a kind of A-team of PhDs, to use novel approaches like semantic databases, induction decision trees and clustering algorithms to dive into the World Patents archives in a very effective way and with powerful visualizations.
The job some dozen of analysts were only thinking to approach, is done by Erre Quadro in few days.
The result are quite nice insights you can use in at least 3 key phases of your R&D or competitive strategic marketing activities:

Use them in at least 3 key phases of your R&D and strategic marketing:

  1. The set up of a "Discovery Expedition"
    into the Patents library to extract who, what and how has adopted or initiated a new technology
  2. The identification of evolutive trends
    in using technologies to address a Customer job-to-be-done. (Actually Erre Quadro mixes their analysis with their experience in the TRIZ methodology to tell you which possible future technologies will be adopted by the market players to respond to their (your) customers
  3. The identification of Patent protection or Patent circumvention strategies
    in order to assure all your R&D and Commercial efforts are not invane or are capable to recover a gap

E.g.: "identify the most interesting Startups playing in the Oil & Gas industry"

In my case they spent a bit of time to help me identify the most interesting Startups playing in the Oil & Gas industry, i.e. patenting novel ideas and tackling the market with new business models.
It was easier to me, review the most promising ones and came up with a clear picture of which technologies and how they were used.
It was not difficult to identify the key trends about Robotization and Virtualization that a bunch of new technologies were sustaining, and how these technologies were used in well defined Applications.
The result has been pitched at the annual ANIMP (Industrial Plants Industry Association) Conference last year, and is condensed in this article's picture.

If with few euros and hours I was able to get a clear picture of latest technological trends in an industry, imagine what a R&D team or Strategic Marketer can extract with the right level of support!

In case you want to give a try:

In case you are going to give a try, just contact my friend Giacomo Tazzini at Erre Quadro
I am sure you will be amazed by his A-team capabilities

Erre Quadro

Hope this helps, and as usual: call me to talk about this


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